Holiday Special

For the holiday season, we are offering a special on an Overhead Rack + 8′ of 24″ Monkey Bars (including 12 assorted hooks and two bars) for $999 with installation plus tax, now through the New Year!

Overhead garage storage is perfect for keeping those less frequently used items, like seasonal decor stored out of the way. Many homeowners find that these items end up piled on the garage floor, taking up precious square footage. Instead of paying for costly off-site storage units, overhead garage storage allows homeowners to keep their items in their homes. Overhead Garage Storage


For getting those items that you use daily or even weekly off the ground and safely out of the way, our 24″ Monkey Bar shelves are exactly what you need! Allowing you to store boxes, totes and bins on top of the shelf while hanging items below, these shelves make it easy to store more in less space. Because of the unique layering storage option of these shelves, you can grab what you need from the hooks and bars below without removing items!

Garage Shelving