How to Make a Man Cave

Feeling inspired by a recent post from our friends over at Stanton Homes, we’ve created this infographic for all to build their own man cave. With summer here, why not try something new?


How to Make a Man Cave This time of year brings more than mosquitos and delicious burgers. Men all around the world are remodeling their garages and fill spaces into Man Caves. Why not try it out yourself? Part 1: Getting Everything Ready 1)	Choose where you'll place your man cave. While we might be talking about a cave- you can actually have it anywhere in your home. Of course, we recommend your garage. However basements, attics, playrooms, and a variety of other options all work great. 2)	Be ready for a fight. Your wife was planning on using that space for a play room. Only one of you is going to come out victorious. Try offering babysitting duty at least 3 times a month for the next year. More than likely she'll be willing to compromise. 3)	Quiet things up. For any decent man cave, you're going to want to add insulation to keep the sound of screaming children away from your Terminator marathons. Fiberglass insulation works great, and there's a variety of sound proofing options available on the market. 4)	 Paint your walls an exceptionally manly color. Darker colors work great here. Charcoal grey, slate blue, slate green, and many others will all function well. Be sure to mask off crown molding and other colors not to be painted. As always, use a drop cloth on the ground to make sure you don't ruin your carpet. You'll have plenty of chances to spill wing sauce on that later. 5)	Lights on. Proper atmosphere can make the biggest difference in your DIY man cave. If you feel like you're walking into anything less than something Bruce Wayne himself designed, it's not a bad idea to rethink your lighting. Theater-Style lighting works wonders without overexposing the rest of the room.   Part 2: Get Furnished  1)	Get Seated. Comfortable seating can make or break any home theater or man cave setup. While you can get away with a bean bag couch and your thrifted leather couch- this isn't the spot to skimp. Invest in quality seating that you'll spend hours on. Consider a table and chairs for poker night with guys as well. 2)	Think big. No man cave is complete without the perfect big-screen TV to match. Samsung and Vizio are both top of class in TV production right now. If not a TV, a projector might be perfect for you. Consider painting one of your walls with white projector paint and mounting a projector onto the opposite wall for a home theater as well. 3)	Chill out with a mini fridge or bar. A bar might be a harder addition to include- however mini fridges are inexpensive and give you even less of a reason to ever return to the real world upstairs. Just remember to keep it stalked with chocolate for those times where the wife wants to join you. 4)	Amplify up your sound system. Surround sound systems can be found a dime a dozen secondhand, and the new ones on market are even better. It may be a good idea to hire an electrician to do the wiring if you're uncomfortable drilling into your walls to run cable. 5)	Game on. What good is your space to relax without state of the art gaming to match? Get updated with the newest system (because let's be honest, you deserve it.) And don't forget, you can always hook up your computer to have video streaming and web browsing available at any moment. 6)	Get swoll by adding your own gym to the mix. More likely than not you have a space larger enough to include dumbbells and maybe even a bow-flex. If you thought P90X was good before, wait until now. You might even make it more than 2 weeks. Part 3: Man-Dorate (Because that’s how men decorate)  1)	Sign up with your favorite ironic bar signs. Maybe it's the sign you stole from your road trip to California, or gaudy neon coke signs. Whatever your choice is, don't leave this step out. No man cave is complete without great signs to match. 2)	Put up all your favorite art. If you're not one to appreciate splattered paint blobs then your teenager posters of Ferraris and Jessica Alba will do just as well. After all, this is your space. Just remember to keep it PG-13 in case your kids manage to sneak down for that chocolate in the fridge. 3)	Be proud of your high school peaking by displaying your 2nd place state trophies for football. If you weren't quiet as accomplished, your college degree should do great. If you don't possess either pull out your action figure collection and hope it appreciates in value. Ready to Begin?  Now that you know how to make your very own man-cave, stop dreaming and start doing. We'll be here waiting to hear about your man cave adventures (and strategies to earn wife-points so you can actually start.) Visit the rest of our site for more garage storage ideas and information!  Brought to you by Garaginize LLC, Raleigh, NC